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Established in 2015, we are a group of professional players, playing 8 ball pool since a very long time. We know how hard it is to win games and accumulate coins. We came up with the idea of selling our “buy 8 ball pool coins” services which include boosting of coins, level and account stats. Each and every service we provide at poolcoinshop is legit, and self-done! Playing and increasing coins take a lot of skill and time, thus we’ve priced our services accordingly. For detailed information on our services, contact us!


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Get 5 Million coins free on your first order!

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8 Ball Pool (Online Multiplayer Game)

8 Ball Pool, an online multiplayer game, which was launched back in 2010, is the top grossing game on Google PlayStore and IOS Appstore. It offers players an immersive gaming experience on their devices. Initially the game was released for PC only, but later it was introduced on smartphones. The mechanics of this game are set with such perfection that even pro billiards player won’t regret playing this virtual game! Like every other game, 8 ball pool also have a few in-game currencies called as coins and cash. The player gets access to a few cues initially to play with! The in-game shop provides various cues which can be purchased with either coins or cash. Cues are also distinguished with various power levels and aim capacity. Basically, to get good at this game, the players needs good cues and to get good cues, the player must have good amount of buy 8 ball pool coins.

Where to buy 8 Ball pool coins?

Well, there are a few ways by which a player can easily get a good amount of 8 ball pool coins. If you are a beginner and not such a hard-core gamer, we’ll suggest you to follow the first method. If you are a pro player and looking for cheap and reliable options to buy cheap 8 ball pool coins, then you must go with the second method and buy 8 ball pool coins from the best coins seller in the market.

  1. There are many YouTubers who giveaway a lot of coins to gain some subscribers. All you have to do is search the term – “8 ball pool coins giveaway” and set the search filter to Live. This will fetch you the live results which will include the list of channels giving away free 8 ball pool coins and that too live! All you have to do is look for the Unique id of the account in the Video Description and send an in-game challenge and wait for them to accept it. Once they accept the challenge they’ll leave the match! BOOM, you’ll get coins for free. With this method you can easily get around 400-500k coins in a day.

  2. The second best way is to buy 8 ball pool coins. There are two ways to buy 8 ball pool coins, either buy them from Miniclip in-game store or look for some 3rd party sellers. Here at Poolcoinshop, we provide cheap 8 ball pool coins services, with the best delivery time! We’ve been termed as the best 8 ball pool coins seller by most of our previous clients. If you prefer buying from miniclip directly, it might cost you a big amount, but that’s not the case with poolcoinshop. Here, you’ll get the best coins services and various 8 ball pool tips and tricks directly from our experienced pro players.

    Buying 8 Ball Pool Coins in India

  3. If you’re an Indian and want to buy 8 ball pool coins in India, then you are at the right place! For Indian customers, Poolcoinshop run various offers and provide discounts. Since we reside in India, all local payment methods are accepted which include Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe, or any other form of online payment mode. This helps us to save transaction fee and hence the buyer get the 8 ball pool coins at a cheaper price. We are among the best 8 ball pool Indian coins sellers! Purchase 8 ball pool coins in India from the most trusted seller i.e Poolcoinshop!

Buying 8 Ball pool coins

Once you have decided and made up your mind to buy 8 ball pool coins, we would like to share some pre-requisites. The coins selling procedure here at poolcoinshop is very simple and unique. There are other sellers in the market, who directly transfer coins from their accounts to client’s account. But is that safe? Well, NO. 

Transferring 8 ball pool coins is not considered as a fair practice by miniclip. Miniclip can find such activity at any time and might flag your account, which might result in resetting your coins balance and might put a temporary stop to the counting of your weekly winnings in the leaderboard.

But here at poolcoinshop, we personally play and increase coins in our client’s account. This result in boosting your 8 ball pool account stats for free! At the end of the process you’ll find some free 8 ball pool cash as well! This would also increase your total winnings and level in game. We also provide screenshots of each game won, as a proof so that the client is 100% sure that no transferring of coins took place!

Tricks and Hacks to get Free Coins

As discussed earlier, getting free 8 ball pool coins is an easy task. Though the quantity of coins you’ll gain from this method would be a little less than buying 8 ball pool coins from poolcoinshop, but still you can easily accumulate 300-500k coins in a day easily. Just look for various YouTube channels who perform live giveaway of 8 ball pool coins on their channels. Click here to go to that type of youtube channel.

How to master 8 Ball pool 

Try & try but don’t cry! All you have to do is just practice. Practice as much as you can, on every possible table. Best way is to play against real opponents on higher tables. Opponents who play on higher table are the most skilled and experienced players of all. But putting all your 8 ball pool coins at stake for playing against a good opponent isn’t worth it! At least you should have a good amount of pool coins before you put up a good amount at stake. Before putting all your coins at stake, better purchase 8 ball pool coins from us and then play against such opponents. Usually people advice to play on a practice table. But what we suggest is to play against real 8 ball pool players so that you also can play with the same mindset as of your opponent!

Trusted Seller of 8 Ball Pool Coins

Here at poolcoinshop, we thrive hard to make sure that every single player who seeks to try our service and players who have already availed our services give a positive feedback regarding our work. Since we personally play and complete the coins, we can assure that the account remains 100% safe. No one can point the account as illegal. We’ve been selling 8 ball pool coins since a long time now. Initially we used to sell on various gaming marketplaces including EpicNPC, PlayerUP and many other online websites. You can have a look at our thread and most of the reviews state us as “ trusted 8 ball pool coins seller”.

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Techniques that can be used

The best technique is to start from the lowest table. Consider you have 10 million coins already present in your game. Assume like you have no coins, and start playing on a table you’re most confident, let’s say Shanghai Table. Once you get perfect on Shanghai Table, move on to Paris Table with a bet of 2.5 Million 8 ball pool coins. This way, start increasing 8 ball pool coins at a slow rate and gradually you’ll see your coins balance would start rising!

But sometimes all you have to do is take a leap of faith. Take risk and place the second highest bet. Who knows, you might win it and double up all your coins. But even if you lose some coins, poolcoinshop is always there as a backup! You can easily purchase 8 ball pool coins from us and we’ll complete the order in no time!


At last, we would recommend you is to try all the options. You can get free 8 ball pool coins from the YouTube live giveaways. Also, you can keep an eye on 8 ball pool official facebook page

Here, Miniclip posts some rewards links of 8 ball pool, which can easily get you free 8 ball pool cash, coins, avatars etc.

If you are seriously wanting to spend some real money on this game, better purchase from poolcoinshop. Because, buying from miniclip directly would be very expensive. On the other hand, if you spend on buying coins from poolcoinshop, you can get a heck lot better deal on buy 8 ball pool coins!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s totally safe to purchase 8 ball pool coins from us. The way we do it, doesn’t cause any harm to your account/game. Every single coin made in your account is legit, and we prove it by providing a screenshot of every match won while completing the order!

We don’t do it like other people in the market. All our services are legit. We need your login details for your game. Whether it’s FaceBook or Miniclip, we just need to login to your game. Once we log in to your game, the playing procedure starts, we play until the order is completed!

NO! We don’t transfer coins. We simply play and complete the coins. It takes bit more time, but the result is really good.

For Indian customers, we accept mostly all payment methods including PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTm, UPI etc. For Outside customers, its limited to PayPal and Transferwise!

That depends on various factors. 

  • If you already a good amount of coins, it’ll definitely takes less time to complete the coins.
  • And if you have good cues in your account, it’ll take less time to complete.
  • The Account is fresh, or has very less coins, then it’s likely to take more time!

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